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Kohinoor Architects

Kohinoor Architects is actually a design & supervision consultancy. We are having a well experienced team of Designer / Architect, supervisor, structural engineer, etc. Through the experienced hands of these people, Kohinoor Architects develops concepts & details that blend elements of enduring architecture with all the amenities for modern living
Our strength lies in innovative conceptual thinking backed by demonstrated experience, skill and technical expertise to migrate ideas from dreams to canvas and then to bricks in real plots. We at Kohinoor Architects translates market trends into successful spaces that fit our client needs and then is paramounted to the firm and illustrated in our varied palette of work involving commercial, residential, hospitality and community planning projects all around Kerala.
Beyond designing, we provide all necessary services for construction management during execution, preparing Implementations schedule, Bar-chart, cash flow analysis and Supervising the construction work at site, checking quality of work on behalf of the client, giving necessary instruction to the contractor.